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  • Summit Hypnosis and Wellness
  • Summit Hypnosis and Wellness



National Guild of Hypnotists 2017 Annual Pre-Convention
August 9-10, 2017


6 Keys To Winning Sports Certifcation

  • Laura will share the valuable tools to replace a losing mentality with a winning edge in any sport. Learn the unique benefits for using NLP and Hypnosis for all sports enhancements and improvement. Leverage the Natural Laws of the Mind in any sport to help competitors achieve peak performance. You’ll leave knowing how to prepare and use the 6 keys for all sports and the step-by-step process for your clients to follow to achieve their goals.


National Guild of Hypnotists 2017 Convention
August 11-13, 2017


How to Conduct a Golf Hypnosis Workshop

  • Join Laura during the National Guild of Hypnotists 2017 Annual Convention from August 11th – 13th and learn trade secrets to conducting golf hypnosis groups of all sizes. Discover how to design a program, how to do it, and how to sell it. It’s time to tap into the golf community to build a prosperous hypnotism business and help lots of people in the process.


Soup to Nuts Weight Loss

  • Learn all you need to know to run a successful Wellness & Weight Management Program. In this special presentation,Laura gives an in-depth look at using the mind to help clients achieve a healthy body. She’ll share proven exercises for helping your clients release past diet and weight loss failures and building a future roadmap for personal success. Gain insight into the step-by step process your clients should follow to achieve their goals while avoiding unrealistic restrictions and allowing them enjoy their weight loss journey.