Beginners To Pros…Breathe…Breathe…Breathe!

It sounds simple enough and you might say “I’m alive, I am breathing, what does this have to do with playing better golf”? There is a way to breathe that actually helps your body to relax and your mind to focus better and think more clearly. These are belly breaths. Most adults have become

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Is Hypnosis Right For You?

There seems to be a very skewed idea of what hypnosis is, and a distinct misperception of what hypnosis is not. All too often we hear phrases like “put me under”, where they are in an unconscious state and have no control. For many, the uncertainty of what to expect,...

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Introducing Holistic Health Coaching with Larissa

Summit Hypnosis & Wellness is proud to announce the addition of Holistic Health Coaching to our services. You may be asking yourself "What is a health coach?", "How could a health coach help me?", or even "Do I need a health coach?". These are all valid questions,...

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Do you love yourself?

Defining Self Love Self-love seems to have become a buzzword recently, and a topic broadly discussed amongst health and wellness experts/practitioners, bloggers, as well as normal conversations. Although it is a topic that’s brought up all over the place right now,...

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How I Lost Weight & You Can Too!

As a Consulting Hypnotist here at Summit Hypnosis & Wellness, I think it is important to share my experience with my clients, as well as anyone else out there looking to make a change in their life (big or small). So as I sit at my desk, in my cozy office, I stare at the blank computer screen in front of me and occasionally catch

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