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Hypnosis Class 2012

Student Testimonials

“This was a very comprehensive course. The depth and breadth of material covered both hypnosis and setting up and maintaining your own practice was astonishing. I’m so happy to have taken this course.”
~Sarah Becker
“Thank you, Laura, for teaching this course. You are an amazing instructor. I feel confident that I will do well with my NGH certification and Perfect Enough Life Coaching.You are the Real Deal, and the perfect model for my new career.”
~Angella Ocheltree
“I feel as though I am now incredibly prepared to start business and working with clients to help people. The wealth of knowledge and working experience gained was so important and appreciated. Also Laura’s teaching style – calm, informative, knowledgable – allowed for all of the content to get completed while nurturing questions and comments from the students.”
~LuAnn Warner-Prokos
“This was the most comprehesive, extensive, and useful hypnosis course I’ve ever encountered. Participation ensures you’ll not only be ready to perform sucessful hypnosis, you’ll be prepared to own a thriving practice.”
~April Grogan