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Laura King Teaching at the Upcoming 2013 National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Convention

The NGH Convention 2013 is approaching fast. It is always an interesting, educational and fun event, and one that our own Laura King looks forward to every year. This is the third year Laura is teaching classes at the NGH Convention, and she looks forward to full classrooms again. Laura told us a bit about her classes.

I will be teaching two great classes this year. One is about enhancing learning at all ages and the other is a proven weight loss method.  The attendees will gain the knowledge – and leave with the tools – to capitalize on these hot topics with clients. Helping people is the reason most of us chose hypnosis, and these two classes go the heart with a large portion of adults and children! Laura King, CHt, NLP, Life Coach

Class #11126 – 6 Keys to Enhance Learning for all Ages (pending)

Friday, August 10th @ noon. Attendees will leave with a complete understanding of how Hypnosis and NLP can enhance learning at any age. Included with the class are 8 self-hypnosis scripts covering the following topics:

  • Concentration
  • Absorption
  • Excellent Thinker
  • Recall
  • Alert
  • Test Taking
  • Good Study Habits
  • Conscious Student

Class #23111 – Soup to Nuts Weight Loss (pending)

On Saturday, August 11th, at 11:00AM. Every attendee will leave with all they need to run a successful 3-month weight loss program. With the focus on hypnosis for weight loss in the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Oz, and so many other news outlets, this is a HOT money-maker! Our Complete Toolkit will include:

  • A Detailed Food Plan – this plan will list foods to avoid and acceptable food choices
  • 6 Self-Hypnosis CDs covering the following topics:
    • Healthy Eating for Weight Loss
    • Ideal Body Image
    • Courage to Let Go
    • Speeding Up Metabolism
    • Get Fit Mentally
    • Be Your Best
  • 7 Helpful Hints for Weight Loss
  • 1 Exercise DVD
  • 7 Weight Loss Scripts
  • 1 Slim Vision DVD

Look for Laura King at the NGH Convention – her classes will give you all the tools you need to enhance your hypnosis practice!

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