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Become the Best You Can Be! Choose from a wide selection of books, self-hypnosis CDs and MP3 downloads designed to help you achieve your goals quickly, easily and naturally.

CD and MP3 Downloads

Health & Wellness


Corporate Wealth Building Series
Building Sales
Increasing Memory
Prosperity & Abundance
Public Speaking
Stress ManagementCorporate Screen Saver
Remember Names
Winning Job InterviewsAUDITIONS
Achieve Flawless Auditions

Complete Learn Series
Excellent Thinker
Test Taking Good Study Habits

Stop Bedwetting
Healthy Eating for Younger Children
Confidence for Law School
Study for the Bar Exam
Conscious Student
Standardized Test Taking

Complete Wellness Series
Comfort Management/Pain Reduction
Improving Your Immune System
Maximize Your Treatment Potential
Positive Emotional Management
Sleep Wonderfully
Prepare Your Mind for Sugery

Stress Management for the Caregiver
Overcoming Negative Repetitive Behavior
Surgery Easy Breathing

Letting Go of Eating Disorders
Overcoming Gaming Addiction
Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Diabetics
Relief for IBS
Stop Drinking, Be Healthy
Stop Nail Biting
Stop Smoking
Empower Your Holiday Spirit

Self Improvement
Complete Personal Keys Series
Basic Relaxation for Life
Feel Good, Be Happy
Healthy Choices, Ideal Weight
Letting Go, Moving Forward

Self Image Builder
Complete Self Image Builder Series
Self Confidence
Prosperity & Abundance
Life Aliveness

Release Self Sabotage

Be Your Best
Sleep, Wake Up Naturally
Overcome Insomnia
Quiet Sleeper, Stop Snoring/a>
Wake Up, Be Positive
Sleep Wonderfully

Anything is Possible
Be Assertive
Healthy Living
Self Discipline
Weight Loss
Increase Memory

Complete Pleasant Journeys Series
Fearless Flying
Let Go Of Jetlag
No More Seasickness

Attract the Ideal Husband
Do It All
Improve Your Sex Drive
Relax to Get Pregnant
Relax to Get Pregnant with In Vitro
Staying Pregnant
The Diplomatic Wife
Feel Good, Be Sexy

Attract the Ideal Partner
Balance for Your Relationships
Diplomatic Parent
Diplomatic Partner

Release Fear of Bees

Perfect Enough Book Conscious & Subliminal Affirmations
Increasing Memory Conscious & Subliminal Affirmations
Prosperity Conscious & Subliminal Affirmations
Motivation Conscious & Subliminal Affirmations
Equestrian Peak Performance Conscious & Subliminal Affirmations

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Concentration for Billiards
Improve Your Billiard SkillCheerleading
Complete Cheerleading Series
Basic Relaxation
Fearless Cheerleading
Peak Performance
Release Performance Anxiety
Gaining Concentration
Positive Self-talkDog Showing
Dog Showing Series
Basic Relaxation for the Handler
Fearless Showing
Peak Performance
Release Performance Anxiety
Gaining Concentration
Positive Self-talk

Equestrian Series
Relaxation for the Equestrian
Fearless Jumping and Showing for the Equestrian
Peak Performance and Self-Image for the Equestrian
Release Performance Anxiety for the Equestrian
Gaining Concentration for the Equestrian
Positive Self-talk for the Equestrian

Equestrian – 3 Day Eventing
Complete Keys to Winning 3 Day Eventing Series
Peak Performance 3 Day Eventer
Conquering Fear 3 Day Eventer
Gaining Concentration & Memory 3 Day Eventer

Equestrian – Dressage
Complete Keys to Winning Dressage Series
Freestyle Relaxation to Dance Dressage
Peak Performance Dressage
Gaining Concentration & memory for Dressage

Equestrian – Jumper
Complete Keys to Winning Jumper Series
Gaining Concentration & Memory for the Jumper
Peak Performance for the Jumper
Conquering Fear for the Jumper

Equestrian – Western Rider
Complete Keys to Winning Western Series
Positive Self Talk for the Western Rider
Gaining Concentration & Memory Western Rider
Release Performance Anxiety Western Rider
Peak Performance for the Western Rider
Fearless Showing Western Rider
Basic Relaxation Western Rider

Complete Awesome Golf Series
Positive Self Talk for the Golfer
Cool, Calm, & Collected Golfer
Mastering Fear Golfer
Gaining Concentration for the Golfer
Achieving Peak Performance Golfer

Pilot Concentration
Fearless Flying

MISC Sports
Football Punting & Kicking
Improve Your Swimming Skills
Improve Your Baseball Skills
Improve Your Tennis Game
Run Faster, Run Longer
Improve Athletic Performance
Motorcross Racing
Be the Best Soccer Player
Confidence for the Diver

Mejorar sus habilidades de béisbol
Mejorar el rendimiento deportivo
Concentración y Memoria de ganar
Peak Performance para el puente
Vencer el miedo para el puente
Claves para completar la serie ganadora del puente
Ser positivo Ecuestre Discusión
Concentración Ecuestre ganando
La liberación de la ansiedad de rendimiento Ecuestre
Pico de rendimiento Ecuestre
Mostrando sin miedo y Salto Ecuestre
Ecuestre de relajación básica
Claves para ganar la serie completa Ecuestre

Weight Loss
Complete Be Fit for Life Series
Healthy Eating for Weight Loss
Speeding Up Metabolism
Ideal Body Image
Be Fit Mentally
Courage to Let Go
Be Your Best

Motivation to Be Fit Screen Saver
Companion Workbook Complete Weight Loss
Be Fit for Life Exercise DVD

Perfect Enough Book
Perfect Enough Companion Book
Maximize Your Discover Process
Awesome Golf Now Book!

The Power to Win Book
The Power to Win Companion Book

Equestrian Training DVD Series
Fearless Showing & Jumping DVD
Creating Peak Performance DVD
Releasing Performance Anxiety DVD

Your Slim Vision Program for Kids
Your Slim Vision Program for Adults
Be Fit for Life Exercise DVD

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