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Sometimes personal development is a family affair, and everyone gets to work together to move through their tensions to a place of thriving as a unit. You will learn how to function better as a family as well as individuals and you’ll learn about each other in ways that are new and fun. Family dynamics aren’t set in stone; transforming them is possible and we can help!

Other Groups

Why host a Botox Party when you can create real inner change that lasts forever? We will plan and host a gathering focused on achieving personal growth goals. We will use hypnosis and NLP with the group, as well as direct fun activities that encourage positive interaction and long-term change. And no one will go home empty-handed! We will bring goodie bags for everyone that include one Self-Hypnosis CD and one Summit Subliminals™ CD set – a $75 value. You participate in your Group Session at no cost, so call – (561) 841-7603 and let’s get this party started! Cost per person is dependent upon the group size. 


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Beginners To Pros…Breathe…Breathe…Breathe!

It sounds simple enough and you might say “I’m alive, I am breathing, what does this have to do with playing better golf”? There is a way to breathe that actually helps your body to relax and your mind to focus better and think more clearly. These are belly breaths. Most adults have become

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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of related but focused concentration during which the subconscious mind allows and accepts suggestions for change. Brain scans have recently been used to observe the activity that occurs in the brain, turning hypnosis. These scans are being performed by the medical establishment to explain why hypnosis is so very effective. If you have ever been so focused on TV, a movie or even driving, that you lost all track of and everything else around you, you have been in a state of hypnosis. All types of habits and behaviors can be eliminated, changed or improved through hypnosis. All that is necessary is a sincere desire for change.
Can anyone be hypnotized?
Almost everyone can be hypnotized. However, you must allow yourself to experience gnosis. Because it feels like relaxation, many people do not feel as though they have been hypnotized at all.

Will I lose control in any way during hypnosis?
No. You control whether you enter into hypnosis, which suggestions your subconscious mind accepts, and you also have the ability to bring yourself out of hypnosis anytime you choose. You maintain your free will and will not say or do anything in the gnosis that you would not do in a waking state.

Will I remember what you said during the session?
Most people hear every word that is said by the therapist and remember the content of the session.


Will you make me quack like a duck?

Not unless you want to! In order for suggestions to enter your subconscious mind. They must bypass the “critical factor.” This part of the brain decides whether or not, your subconscious mind will allow that particular thought to become part of your belief system. Therefore, you can only be attached to make the changes that you truly desire.

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