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The Pros Do It…You Should Too!!!

Many amateur golfers tend to ignore the game-elevating techniques that the pros use. For Example, amateurs often feel that their game is not worthy of a Pre-Shot Routine. I like to look at it this way….if the pros are bothering to do it there is a really important reason…the pros do not waste their time doing things that do not benefit their play!

Let’s talk Pre-shot Routine. The benefit of a pre-shot routine is that it begins the process of allowing your conscious mind to become less active in the actual swing process. As the conscious mind becomes less involved, the subconscious mind takes over and swings the golf club.  Let me explain it this way. About 90% of what we do everyday is by habits that are stored in our subconscious mind.

An example is this…when you go to put on your pants in the morning, you do not consciously think of every step in the process. Open the closet door… remove the pants from the hanger… put the hanger back… lift your right foot off the floor… put your right foot in the right pant leg… pull the pants up until your foot emerges from the pant leg, etc…you get the idea. You now do this process automatically through the habits stored in your subconscious mind! Can you imagine what our lives would be like if we had to consciously think every step of everything we do in a day…we would be exhausted and overwhelmed by 9 am! Many golfers do just that… they consciously tell themselves in detail how to swing the club rather than just letting their subconscious mind take over and swing it. If you are mentally exhausted at the end of your round you may be guilty of this! Not only does it adversely affect your play but it takes the enjoyment out of the game. When we are enjoying the round we generally play better! I am sure that every one of you has experienced your conscious mind getting in the way of executing a good golf shot.   

 The following is a sample pre-shot routine. Steps 1-6 are Conscious Mind activities.

1. Choose your target – be specific!
2.  Visualize the desired shot
3.  Evaluate the conditions:
         Yardage to the target,
         The wind direction and strength,
         The lie of the ball.
4.  Choose the Club to use based on the above information.
5.  Practice Swing
6.  Refocus on the Target (make it exact, not general)

         Choose a spot on the ground on your target line  about 2-3 feet in front of the ball and line up parallel to it.

 Now the Subconscious Mind should take over…all decisions are made and it is time for autopilot!!!

7.  Set up to the ball
8.  Glance at the target to double check alignment
9.  Look at the ball (the back of the ball is preferable)
10. Waggle (wiggling your hands, arms and body to relax the muscles)
11. Say your “Swing Key” (by using hypnosis we can use your swing key words to produce    a more desirable outcome.)
12. Swing

This process may seem arduous and time consuming, but Steps 5-12 take less than 30 seconds and produce far more consistent golf shots. In fact it actually speeds up your round because you hit fewer bad shots and spend less time getting out of trouble!

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